Lauren Oliver to write from Alex’s perspective!

About six hours ago, Lauren Oliver made an announcement on her twitter that is certainly making me excited:

Lauren Oliver's twitter announcement

Is everyone as excited as I am over this announcement?


First Requiem Review!!!

Warning: Thar be minor spoilers ’round these parts!

That’s right folks, it’s no joke: an ARC of Requiem has been read and reviewed by Lenore Appelhans over at Presenting Lenore.


Too good to be true? Nope. Lauren Oliver comments on it herself:

We definitely learn some new information about the final installment of Oliver’s trilogy in this review. So read at your own risk! Having read the review myself, I can say that it’s exciting to get a taste of Requiem. But if you want a completely clean slate when opening to Chapter One, I recommend not reading these reviews of ARCs, which are bound to pop up more and more often as we get closer to that wonderful day in March 2013.

If you’ve read the review and would like to comment, please put a spoiler warning before your discussion of anything that is new info from Ms. Appelhans’s review!

Movie 2013?

On twitter marauderxing asked Lauren if Delirium the movie would be released in 2013. As you can see she answered with she doesnt know when it will be out. Do you think 2013 is too soon for the movie? Is it more likely to be 2014? lets all just hope it’s all been hush-hush and the film is done and will be out next week. Positive thinking everyone!

Lauren Oliver’s Requiem Giveaway CLOSED


That’s right, folks, Lauren Oliver is no longer accepting entries for her Requiem ARC giveaway. I hope you all got your submissions in and the best of luck to you all!

The Delirium Trilogy nominated for NPR’s best of YA books

Exciting news!  The Delirium Trilogy and  Before I Fall are both in the finals for NRP’s top 100 YA fiction books of all time!  See Lauren’s tweet!

In case you don’t know, this is part of NPR’s summer top 100 list.  The theme this year is YA literature and they want fans to nominate the books they think should be on the list.  Currently there are 235 finalists so we all need to vote to ensure we make it to the top 100 list!

From NPR:

And so, let the voting begin! Everyone gets 10 votes. Once you’ve selected your top-10 titles, scroll to the bottom of the poll and click “Submit.” Feel free to reminisce about your favorites — or lobby for them — in the comments section. We’ll be back in a few weeks with a list that should keep the young people in your life entertained and inspired until long after their teen years exist only as cringe-worthy memories.

To vote go HERE and congrats to Lauren Oliver for being on the ballot twice.  We must get these books on the final list, please vote!

Lauren Oliver writing another Delirium novella, talks Requiem

During a spontaneous Q and A session on Twitter, Lauren Oliver answered a few questions that hinted toward exactly what we’ll be seeing in Requiem, as far as POVs and the possibility of Hana’s return!

And if you’re having a hard time waiting until March for Requiem, it looks like we’ll be getting a novella before then!

Who do you think the alternating POV will be? The arrangement of these quotes makes it seem like Hana, but it very well could be someone else like Raven or Lena’s mom.

Thanks to crimson-muse for the heads up!