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This piece of fan art comes from epic reads and I think at lovely and wanted to share.



Lauren Answers TV Series ‘Concern’

A Delirium series fan asked Lauren via her tumblr blogabout the concern some fans have surrounding the Delirium series now being made into a tv series and not a movie.
Bellow is the question an Lauren’s response.

Dear Lauren, do not you think that to shoot TV series would be a mistake? Many fans still waiting for the movie. On behalf of them, I want to say that we’re upset. If you are still going to shoot series, at least it does not repeat the fate of book “The Vampire Diaries.” We’re worried.

I’m really excited about the TV series! I know it will likely present many differences from the book—but I don’t think that will necessarily be a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to explore many different aspects of the world that I was only superficially able to address in the series. I know some fans may be disappointed by the network’s interpretation, but I hope you’ll stay open to the fluidity of story-telling and the way that my series will be adapted to a longer narrative!

I can only speak for myself here but I for one am really excited about the tv series idea. My only reservation is you American fans will get it before little old me over here in the UK. I will be green with envy. Why are your thoughts. Are you worried?

Lauren’s Blog!

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Fan Art: Alex Sheathes

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Shortlives-longnights’ Delirium movie poster

So many great fan-made movies posters for Delirium are emerging these days, so we’ve decided to share one more with you!