Delirium Fandom Fancasting Index: Alex Sheathes Part 3


Asher Book (by popular request… and it’s his birthday!)

About: 24-year-old american actor born in Virginia. Went to school in New York at the Professional Performing Arts School. He’s been acting since he was a kid.


-A rather diverse portfolio, including a single-episode voiceacting job in Dora The Explorer.

-Certainly looks the part of Alex, which probably has to do with the fact that he’s a favorite fancast.

-Has done quite a bit of stage acting


– Relatively new to the Hollywood scene

-I honestly can’t find many. Here ends my list of cons.


We’ve been getting a couple requests for him, so what do you guys think?


Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Alex Sheathes Part 2

Douglas Booth

About: UK born actor who has worked on a number of miniseries and Shakespeare-related work (he’s played Romeo before!) He is also a model.


– Perfect age-group for Alex

– Relatively unknown


– He is known for a role in a bad Miley Cyrus movie. This can probably be forgiven considering the amount of Shakespeare he’s done.

-British accent. I haven’t heard his American accent, but this is a concern. Any thoughts on this?


I think he’d look great as Alex, but what do you guys think? Has anyone seen his work?

Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Grace Tiddle Part 1

Caitlin Carmichael

About: Best known for playing Jenny McCarthy’s daughter in the Webisode In the Motherhood. She has also appeared on a number of TV shows and commercials.


-She is currently in the right age range at 8 years old, but could easily pass for the 6 year old Grace now.

-She’s talented. She’s been nominated for the Annual Young Artist Award for two consecutive years (2011 and 2012).

-She has a solid resume for someone so young. She’s been acting since she was 3 and has appeared in many television shows, movies commercials in that time.


-Will she look too old to play Grace once filming begins? Hard to say, but I think she is a capable actress who would do Grace justice!

Nikki Hahn (Sofia)

About: Best known for playing Tom Hanks’ daughter on a Jimmy Kimmel Live Skit, where she’s made multiple appearances.  She’s also appeared in commercials, films and a number of TV shows.


-Like Caitlin, she is currently in the right age range, though a little older at 9.

– She’s been acting most of her life. She started acting when she was 3 and has had steady work for the past few years.


-She doesn’t have as much as experience as some other young actresses out there, but this really shouldn’t hold her back from making a great Grace!

-She also might not look young enough to portray a six year old when filming commences, but we won’t know until the time comes.

Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Hana Tate Part 1

“Hana is tall, blonde, gorgeous and confident”

Dianna Argon.

Most famous for her role as Quinn Fabray in Glee.

She stared as Sarah In the 2011 Blockbuster movie I am Number Four as well as numberous minor roles in other Blockbuster movies over the years.

She has recently been cast to play the character of Belle in the upcoming film Malavita, along side Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, this role could create a greater buzz about her acting, and make her a more serious candidate.


  • Her role in Glee has been cut to only guest appearances, therefore freeing her up to take on new roles;
  • She can get away with playing a younger character as she shows us in Glee. Her real age is 26.
  • She is often fandom cast as Hana, therefore she appeals to the fans, and would likely be accepted as Hana.


  • (Finding it hard to find any. She is a perfect Hana to me)


Blake Lively.

Most Famous for her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in the hit tv show Gossip Girl.

She has starred in films such as The Green Lantern and Hick. Her roles in movies are more numerous than the roles in tv sitcom dramas. In 2011 she was named the most desirable woman of the year by AskMen. This beauty is a huge part of Hana’s character.


  • The Gossip Girl following is huge, and if cast, the fans would likely follow to the movie;
  • She has an impressive Movie resume;
  • She features on Time Magazines most 100 influential people.


  • She maybe too old to play the role of Hana and therefore not considered;
  • She may see this movie as beneath her, and the role not substantial enough.



Candice Accola.

Most Famous for her role as Caroline Forbes in the hit tv show The Vampire Diaries.

She has starred in many TV roles such as parts in Supernatural and How I met your Mother. She also stared as herself in Hannah Montana the Movie as herself as a backing singer. Through her role in the Vampire Diaries she has become a more recognised name, and has a huge following of loyal fans throughout the fandom universe. If chosen to play Hana this would be her biggest role to date.


  • Looks the part to play Hana;
  • Vampire Diaries original depicted her as the bubbly girlfriend that everyone loved, then changed her to a strong independent character, not unlike Hana;
  • If the casting decides to go for talent, rather than huge names, she would be ideal.


  • In the larger picture she is an unknown actress;
  • She is busy filming Vampire Diaries series and may not take on the role.

Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Alex Sheathes Part 1

Daniel Sharman

About: A British film and theatre actor who has had roles in  Teen Wolf as Isaac Lahey, Immortals as Ares, and the upcoming sequel film The Collection. He’s been a rather popular fancast for Alex.


– He’s acted in a few Shakespearean plays. His recitation of poetry would probably be fantastic.

– Lack of involvement with other YA film adaptations.

– Aside from his role in Teen Wolf, he’s still rather unknown.


– Interference with filming of Teen Wolf, as well as a few other upcoming projects.

– He’s 26, which might be a bit old for portraying Alex. But this is probably a non-issue.


What do you guys think?

Delrium Fandom’s Fancasting Index

Hello, Delirium-fanatics! Today here at Delirium Fandom we are excited to announce a new project we are rolling out over the next month or so: the Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index! Many fans have recently been inspired by the upcoming film adaptation of one of our favorite books, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and they have been “fancasting” or “dreamcasting” many actors and actresses for the roles of Lena, Alex, Hana, and Grace. We’re so excited by the movie and the fan participation here at Delirium Fandom that we decided to compile all of your fancasting favorites for roles in Delirium and post them here on our site.

How will this work? Every other day, we will post two to three actors/actresses that have been fancasted for a particular character in the Delirium franchise. Today, in the next post, we will take a look at three highly desired actresses for the role of Lena. Then, on Sunday, we’ll look at a few actors for Alex, and then for Hana on Tuesday, and so on.

So, keep an eye on this site for profiles, pros, and cons of all of your Delirium fancasting favorites! Keep the love and spread the deliria!

Delirium Fandom’s Fancasting Index: Lena Haloway Part 1

Lily Collins

About: Love her or hate her, Lily Collins has drawn a lot of attention in the past year, especially in the fancasting realm. Collins came to the world stage this year with her role as Snow White in “Mirror, Mirror”. Since then she has been cast in a number of high-profile roles, including in the much-anticipated film adaptation of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” as Clary Fray.

– She would draw a lot of attention from YA fans to the Delirium franchise.
– There would be significantly more press for the Delirium movie if an up-and-coming actress like Collins were to be cast.
– She would appease a lot of Delirium fans, as she has been a fancasting favorite for the role.

– She is already cast as Clary in TMI and would not likely accept another YA role so soon.
– She has been fancasted for just about every YA novel-turned-movie and if she was cast as Lena, a lot of other fandoms might be upset.

Naomi Scott

About: Naomi Scott is a lesser-known young actress who has gained some attention for her roles in the US Disney Channel movie “Lemonade Mouth” and in the UK mini-series “Terra Nova”.

– An anticipated role as Lena would put Scott on the map for future teenage movie roles, which would increase interest in the Delirium franchise.
– She fits the bill for Lena as a short, brown-haired teenager with understated beauty.

– Scott does not have as extensive acting experience as some of the other fancasts for the role.
– Casting directors may not be interested in choosing Scott due to her limited resume.

Emma Watson

About: Emma Watson is internationally known and recognized for her eight-movie part in the Harry Potter films as Hermione Granger. She will co-star in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” debuting late September 2012.

– Arguably the most well-known fancast on the list for Lena, Watson would bring considerable attention to the Delirium franchise.
– Watson has grown immensely as an actress since her first role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She has spend most of her life acting and possesses considerable talent.

– Her American accent, as seen in previews of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” could use some work.
– She would have to use a wig or grown out her currently pixie-cut hair.
– As such a well-known actress, Watson may decline the role for a movie of a lesser-known series as Delirium (compared to Harry Potter, that is.)