Which requiem is YOUR requiem?

We all know the title of the third book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Trilogy is Requiem — so what does requiem mean, exactly? According to dictionary.com:

That seems very appropriate for a dystopian world devoid of love. Requiems have been incredibly significant in music history, with perhaps two of the most famous being Mozart’s Requiem and Brahms’ Requiem. Our challenge to you?

Which of these two Requiems do you think goes better with the Delirium Trilogy?!

Mozart’s Requiem

Brahms’ Requiem

Tell us which one you prefer!


An Important Message From Your Government: Concerns Over “Musical Interlude”

For Officials Only: Thanks to the efforts of Deliria-Free America, it has come to our attention that illegal music is on the rise. Please print and distribute this important flier:

All songs listed in the flier are considered highly dangerous. Here is the full list of songs so you may identify them by sound. Please view with caution in a closed, sound-proofed space. Do not listen to songs for extended durations. Thank you.


Thank you, everyone, for your submissions! A lot of people picked songs that reminded them of Lena and Alex’s relationship (awww). This is a great set of songs for the first playlist.


Musical Interlude


It’s moving. It’s wonderful. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s horrible. It’s overwhelming. 

In the United States of Delirium, music has been sensored, watered down, made something as boring as the cureds who play it. It seems like it would become a chore to even listen to. What is music if it doesn’t even appeal to your emotions? It becomes the background soundtrack of a reality show.

People risk their lives to hear music that doesn’t have the Government Stamp of Approval. Even those who believe in the Cure are taken by surprise by the way music affects them (well, maybe except for those who have already been cured). Music plays a role in Lena’s transformation throughout the first book, and is even touched on as a powerful force in the second.


What songs remind you Invalids of Delirium and its characters? I’ll be compiling a list of songs, and then posting a youtube playlist once there are enough submissions!