First Requiem Review!!!

Warning: Thar be minor spoilers ’round these parts!

That’s right folks, it’s no joke: an ARC of Requiem has been read and reviewed by Lenore Appelhans over at Presenting Lenore.


Too good to be true? Nope. Lauren Oliver comments on it herself:

We definitely learn some new information about the final installment of Oliver’s trilogy in this review. So read at your own risk! Having read the review myself, I can say that it’s exciting to get a taste of Requiem. But if you want a completely clean slate when opening to Chapter One, I recommend not reading these reviews of ARCs, which are bound to pop up more and more often as we get closer to that wonderful day in March 2013.

If you’ve read the review and would like to comment, please put a spoiler warning before your discussion of anything that is new info from Ms. Appelhans’s review!


Delirium and Pandemonium reaction GIFs from tumblr!

drunkcherson after reading Pandemonium:

thisnostalgicphase after finishing Delirium:

and thisnostalgicphase after finishing Pandemonium:

julefineman after finishing Pandemonium:

aannddd love-story-for-the-new-age finishing Pandemonium:

In conclusion, SO MANY FEELS! No matter if you ship Alex or Julian, I bet you had a big reaction to the end of Pandemonium. Care to share in the form of a GIF? Email us at and we’ll post it!

Delirium Role Play

Ever role played? Well if not here could be the perfect chance for you to get involved. Over on Tumblr there is a group called Spread the Deliria who run a role play group focused around the world of Delirium. This is how they describe it;

We base our roleplay on your Delirium Trilogy! But we’re not a roleplay taking characters you created into our setting, we create something completely new, something that doesn’t connect with Lena or Alex or Julian at all. We come up with our own character biographies, and each of them forms a story of somebody living in the world you created – a character – people can apply for and, if they get the role, can lead through the up and downs of their lives. But of course we use a lot of information you gave in your books to create these storylines: we have a bunch of invalids living in a home shed similar to the one you describe in Pandemonium, we have a few infected characters that have stories similar to the one of Alex and Lena. We also have some people struggling with the cure like Lena’s mother did, and finally we even created roles for the ‘mean guys’, we made regulator roles who are supposed to stop the rebellion from growing. We have even thought about them crashing some parties of the invalids and uncured. At the moment we’re also creating an entirely new group of characters, they will be the criminals of Portland, the ones who escaped the government and now are secretly making fun of it with forbidden concerts and parties they organise. Every now and then we’re planning on making an event for everybody as well, therefore we create a flyer e.g. the one you can find here ( and give the roleplayers a date on which they can let their characters go to the concert and develop their story there – maybe bump into a familiar face, or be infected with the disease. At the moment we’re 15 roleplayers involved in this roleplay, but we’re always looking for new members who’d like to be part of our Delirium family!

In my own life I participate in a role play faction, through the fandom of Harry Potter, I have a character I have set up and developed and though the means of Facebook, have had many hours of fun on adventures and storylines with my alternative personality. Role play is a way to completely involve yourself in a world you have fallen in love with, you can alongside other players develop friendships, families and play out scenes you wish had featured within the books. So I encourage you all to have a go at role play, you can try it out and decide if it is suited for you, if you find it is not, then you can leave. Simple. In the mean time you can head on over to spreadthedeliria-rp on tumblr, they are happy to help. Or you can comment bellow or message me if you would like any advice or help in starting of your Role Play adventure, I would be more than happy to help you. ❤

Delirium Memes!

Send your Delirium-related memes to and we will post them!

Oh, the fun I am going to have with this. Delirium memes! Click here to generate a meme using this image and background, or go to the left side of the page and click ‘Generate an Image’ to insert your own image!

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What to Read After Delirium

Hey all! Anna here. Summer isn’t over yet! You still have a few weeks to pick up some good non-required reading. But which books to pick? Well, why don’t you use this handy graphic I whipped up and see if you can’t find something you’re interested! Still stuck? Send me an email (address in the picture) and I’ll do my best to match you to your perfect book (besides Delirium, of course!)

Delirium Trilogy Fanfiction Spotlight: Laura Schiller

Hello, lovers and dreamers, and welcome to the first installment of the Delirium Trilogy Fanfiction Spotlight! In these incremental posts, I will showcase one talented writer who has used her skills to broaden the world of Delirium!

Today, let’s take a look at some of Laura Schiller‘s work, from Laura has a beautiful way of getting into the minds of Oliver’s characters. You can tell she really ‘gets’ Alex, Hana, Lena, and Grace, among others. She also masterfully integrates song lyrics into the introductions of her pieces, setting the scene for her lovely prose to come. Here are some of her works that I found particularly appealing. Check them out and make sure to leave your praise and comments for Laura on this post’s comment section or by PMing her at Enjoy!

The Way That We Love

Summary: Alex escapes the Crypts in the only way he can: through memory.

Quote: I’m also not sorry she broke her promise by looking back. I’m glad the last thing I saw before the tranquilizing darts kicked in, before they hauled me off to the Crypts, was my Lena’s face: pale and defiant, her hair blowing in the first cold winds of autumn, her eyes blazing into mine across the wires. I pray that I will see her again in a better place than this.

Concrete Angel

Summary: Grace likes to pretend.

Quote: If she’s very, very quiet, so quiet that nobody notices her, maybe she’ll even disappear one day. That would be nice. Easier than living like this every day, like a statue pretending to be a real live girl.

Near to You

Summary: After the events of “Pandemonium”, Lena finds it hard to move on.

Quote: “People change,” he said simply. “People grow. If we’re lucky, we grow to fit around each other, soften each other’s edges. But sometimes we grow apart instead. It’s nobody’s fault, but it can’t be helped.”

If you are a Delirium fanfic writer and would like your work to be considered for the Spotlight, email us at and I’ll take a look at your work!