Would you rather live in Portland or The Wilds?

At first glance, if someone asked you whether you’d rather live in Delirium-world Portland or free in The Wilds, you’d say, “The Wilds!” obviously, right? But when you think about it more closely, the answer may not be quite as clear. Here’s a little case for Portland!

Portland, Maine

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– Plenty of food and water
– Shelter
– Daily comforts
– You can live a normal life
– Beautifully paved streets
– Incredible ocean view

The Wilds

(Painting info HERE!)

– Starving all the time
– Constantly moving
– Under attack every second
– Risk of dying: High
– Freezing winters without warmth
– Uncertain future
– Hard work, just to stay alive

Be HONEST: Would you be willing to give up everything you own to live a life of struggle out in the wilderness, just so you can love and be free?


Grace Will Be Back in Requiem!

The biggest question on everyone’s minds after finishing Pandemonium: Will the Portland characters from Deilirium return in Requiem? Well — other than the OBVIOUS question involving a certain love triangle.

Lauren Oliver has given us some pretty strong indication that they will, in that tongue-in-cheek, cryptic (no relation to The Crypts) way she often does. See this question and answer from her Tumblr:

OK, so it’s not OFFICIAL, but we’re reading it that way. Personally, that makes me quite excited! Grace was such an intriguing character, and it will be fascinating to see how Lena’s old world interacts with the new. We even wonder: Would Grace stand in for Blue in Raven’s eyes? (Just a thought!)

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Fight For Love!

Today is a day to celebrate that which the Cured’s among us can never experience. Love. An emotion to be treasured above all others. What would we be without love? Without passion? Without lust even! The world can never survive as a cured entity, which is why today more than ever we must rise up against all the powers that endeavour to silence true love.

Happy Valentines day oh brave, fierce warriors against all that is Cured!

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I love you. Remember. They can not take it.

Question Time!

Hello my dear Uncureds/Invalids,

So, I had a thought, that people may want to discuss/ask questions about the book. For instance, things that you didn’t understand while reading, questions about people’s views on the plot/character’s/writing style or even if you just want to share your opinion on this wonderful series! Anything you’ve ever wanted to say/ask about Delirium, you can say here!!

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I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.