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Get Your Own Requiem Countdown Widget

Desperately awaiting the release of Requiem? Epic Reads has released new countdown widgets that you can add to your blog or website!


CLICK HERE to get a code for your own widget by clicking the “Get Widget” tab in the left sidebar.

Pandemonium Released in Paperback!

Today marks the paperback release of Pandemonium, the second book in the Delirium trilogy!

If you want to preserve the look of your hardcover version of Pandemonium, but still want to read it over and over again (maybe even dare to let your friends borrow it!), then click the image below to order the paperback edition of the book!


Pitch Dark creates Delirium TV Show Dream Cast

Pitch Dark, one of Harper Teen’s fantastic online communities promoting fantasy and dystopian books including the Delirium trilogy, has listed their dream picks for the “future Emmy winning TV series”, Delirium!

Here are their choices:

LENA – Daveigh Chase


HANA – Imogen Poots



CHECK OUT THE PITCH DARK BLOG to see their choices for Alex and Julian, then tell us what you think!

Who would you cast in your perfect version of the television show?

USA Today recommends Annabel

For all of you who have not yet had the chance to read Lauren’s short story Annabel, which tells the story of Lena’s mother, you’re missing out! It gives amazing insight into how the world that Lena grew up in came to be,  how her family came together and fell apart, and how her mother became part of a bigger cause.

USA Today‘s Jessie Potts has recommended Annabel as a must-read!


Why you should read it: Delirium was ridiculously good, and I loved Pandemonium. I’ve always wanted to know more about Annabel and her fate: Who was the woman behind the haunted memories? In this novella, Lauren showcases her talent for getting into different characters’ heads and memories and pulling their story forth. I would recommend reading this even if you haven’t read Delirium (though you’ll enjoy it that much more if you do!). Annabel’s voice is strong, and I can understand how Lena was able to fight … it was in her blood.

Tidbit: When I asked Lauren about writing Annabel, she said, “The great thing about being an author nowadays is the immediacy (and volume!) of the feedback you get from readers — on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads, whatever. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, but often, I’ve drawn inspiration from the opinions, questions, and even the demands of my fans. After Delirium published, a lot of my readers asked me about Lena’s mother and whether we would see her again. I knew we would later on in the series, but everyone seemed so captivated by her background and her history, I decided I wanted to make her the star of her own story. That’s how Annabel came to be. I was really excited to write from Lena’s mom’s perspective, both because I got to explore what the world was like as the cure for love was just being mandated and the borders were closing down. Also, I’ve always been obsessed with the book/movie The Count of Monte Cristo, and I drew my inspiration for The Crypts, where Annabel is imprisoned for over a decade, from the horrible jail in that book.”

Read the whole recommendation here!

Pandemonium and The Spindlers on B&N’s Best List

Lauren Oliver has a lot to celebrate this year, as both Pandemonium and The Spindlers are included on Barnes and Noble’s Best Books of 2012 list!


The books were released in February and October, respectively, and they certainly did not disappoint! With Requiem just around the corner (less than three months!), Lauren is also proving herself to be very prolific!

Lauren Oliver and Delirium Honored in Germany!

Lauren Oliver and Delirium are officially embedded on the streets of Germany after winning the Buxtehuder Bulle Jugendbuchpreis, the one of the most renown youth book awards in the nation!

Lauren Oliver Delirium Book Award

The award recipients are chosen by a panel of eight young adults and four adults from the local area. Lauren won in 2011, but her memento on the streets of Buxtehude seems to have just been added in recently!