Shortlives-longnights’ Delirium movie poster

So many great fan-made movies posters for Delirium are emerging these days, so we’ve decided to share one more with you!


Delirium Movie Poster via the-manila-institute


via the-manila-institute

Delirium movie poster with all-star cast and crew

Here’s another fan made Delirium movie poster for you!  I especially like this one because of just how creative the credits at the bottom are.  Check out everyone that katrisseverior has dreamed up to make Delirium a hit.  I love how it not only crosses fandom lines, but includes fictional characters!  Quite the all star cast right?


Movie Poster Challenge Entry #12

Here’s another great submission to our movie poster challenge, this one coming to us from Mariela!  What do you think of Shailene Woodley as Lena?  I think it could work!  Thank you, Mariela, for sharing this with us!

If you would like to submit your own Delirium movie poster send it to


Awesome Delirium Movie Poster

Check out another great fan made Delirium movie poster we found! I love this – a lot!


Love Will Set You Free

This Delirium poster was featured on Lauren’s Tumblr blog and is made by yourmoviedoze: and this is what she has to say about it;

“I’ve been posting a lot of stuff about “Divergent” lately and I think I’ve had enough—for now. It’s not really my favorite book (if you would ask), actually, it’s a close friend’s favorite book and he’s the one who initiated me to do those artworks. Actually, my favorite book  is “DELIRIUM” and I’ve been thinking about making a poster for it a long time ago but I have no idea what to. And finally, last night, roses entered my mind, I don’t know why, I’m not in love or something, and I’ve completed it. You might not get a sense of it if you’ll look at it instantly, because I used a lot of symbolism from the book. The rose is a symbol of love, as we all know, the blood on the rose means someone died for love, the scattered petals means love getting away from the eye, which means (the eye, means) the authority or the society who watches over people who are in love. I hope you like it. Any comments, please?”

What are your thoughts on this poster?

One more Requiem poster

We’re starting to see a lot more Requiem posters these days.  What do you think of this one?

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