Delirium Movie Poster – Would You Take The Cure?

Another great fan made poster for the movie adaptation of Delirium!

Delirium Movie


Shortlives-longnights’ Delirium movie poster

So many great fan-made movies posters for Delirium are emerging these days, so we’ve decided to share one more with you!

The Cannot Take It – Delirium Movie Poster

shortlives-longnights has been working on a series of Delirium movie posters, and all of them are awesome. This one especially caught my eye!


I love everything that is going on here. Colors, fonts, layout, whathaveyou. LOVE IT.

Delirium Poster starring Jackie Emerson

Luana submitted her first ever piece of Delirium fan art to us– a movie poster with a very interesting casting choice!

Delirium Movie Poster Jackie Emerson

We think Jackie Emerson has a quiet type of intensity that could make for a great Lena! What do you think?

Delirium movie poster with all-star cast and crew

Here’s another fan made Delirium movie poster for you!  I especially like this one because of just how creative the credits at the bottom are.  Check out everyone that katrisseverior has dreamed up to make Delirium a hit.  I love how it not only crosses fandom lines, but includes fictional characters!  Quite the all star cast right?


Movie Poster Challenge Entry #12

Here’s another great submission to our movie poster challenge, this one coming to us from Mariela!  What do you think of Shailene Woodley as Lena?  I think it could work!  Thank you, Mariela, for sharing this with us!

If you would like to submit your own Delirium movie poster send it to