First Requiem Review!!!

Warning: Thar be minor spoilers ’round these parts!

That’s right folks, it’s no joke: an ARC of Requiem has been read and reviewed by Lenore Appelhans over at Presenting Lenore.


Too good to be true? Nope. Lauren Oliver comments on it herself:

We definitely learn some new information about the final installment of Oliver’s trilogy in this review. So read at your own risk! Having read the review myself, I can say that it’s exciting to get a taste of Requiem. But if you want a completely clean slate when opening to Chapter One, I recommend not reading these reviews of ARCs, which are bound to pop up more and more often as we get closer to that wonderful day in March 2013.

If you’ve read the review and would like to comment, please put a spoiler warning before your discussion of anything that is new info from Ms. Appelhans’s review!


Lauren Oliver’s Requiem Giveaway CLOSED


That’s right, folks, Lauren Oliver is no longer accepting entries for her Requiem ARC giveaway. I hope you all got your submissions in and the best of luck to you all!

News from Lauren Oliver: Collaboration Challenge Pt. 4 and Giveaway Update

Lauren Oliver recently posted this on her blog:

So far I’ve gotten almost 200 responses to the Requiem ARC giveaway! I’m so excited to sit down and read all of those stories, but in the meantime I’m really excited to announce the next part of the collaboration writing challenge! Once again, we had a lot of great entries, so remember to keep submitting, even if yours hasn’t yet been selected. There’s a lot of this story yet to come and we need as many voices as possible. This week’s story is extra long. The first part was written by, Heather Kirby, and the second part was written by my friend and assistant Natasha! Next week, along with you guys, I’ll jump in with a second of my own!

I can’t wait for you guys to let me know what happens next! Remember, send the next 200 words of the story to by  AUGUST 8TH. That’s ONE WEEK guys! And have fun with it!
Have you entered the Requiem ARC Giveaway Contest yet? If not, make sure you send your Delirium-related submissions to soon! Details about the giveaway here. Ms. Oliver hasn’t set a deadline yet, but seeing as she already has to read 200 stories, I’d get your submission in fast before she becomes overwhelmed with entries!
And remember– one week to submit 200 words for her Collaboration Challenge! How will you continue Molly’s adventure?

Grace Will Be Back in Requiem!

The biggest question on everyone’s minds after finishing Pandemonium: Will the Portland characters from Deilirium return in Requiem? Well — other than the OBVIOUS question involving a certain love triangle.

Lauren Oliver has given us some pretty strong indication that they will, in that tongue-in-cheek, cryptic (no relation to The Crypts) way she often does. See this question and answer from her Tumblr:

OK, so it’s not OFFICIAL, but we’re reading it that way. Personally, that makes me quite excited! Grace was such an intriguing character, and it will be fascinating to see how Lena’s old world interacts with the new. We even wonder: Would Grace stand in for Blue in Raven’s eyes? (Just a thought!)

You can follow Lauren Oliver’s Tumblr HERE! and her Twitter HERE!

Lauren Oliver reads from Pandemonium

To celebrate the much anticipated release of Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver reads aloud from the thrilling sequel! So everyone, grab your brand new copies of Pandemonium and read along!

Until next time,

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.


VIDEO: Lauren Oliver talks Pandemonium Sneak Peek

This is quite exciting! Lauren, apparently being an avid twitterer, sent out this video stating that she was going to tweet the first chapter on her Twitter account. See more details after the video.

So, all you have to do is follow Lauren now on Twitter and #tweetdeliria as she tweets the first chapter of #pandemonium. Or you can just pre-order your copy of Pandemonium to be shipped to you on Tuesday, February 28th.

Oh, and just so you know, she’s already posted the first line:


We’ll be updating her posts on our Tweet Deliria page as well.

UPDATE: The whole first chapter has now been posted on our Tweet Deliria page. We still recommend you to follow Lauren, too!