Lauren Answers Fan Questions

Some more Q&A from Lauren.

Do you have any picture references of how you envisioned the Procedure scar looking? Or can you describe it more? 🙂
(Asked by strangely–weird)

I was thinking it would just look like the points of a triangle—like, a small indent or mark where the apexes of a triangle would meet. 🙂 I imagined they would use a prong to stabilize the neck.

Hi! I was wondering if there will be any special edition of Requiem available to purchase?(: im so excited! 49 days!
(Asked by booksarealwaysthere

All REQUIEM hardcovers will come with a short story told from Alex’s POV…so that’s pretty special, right?

The second question reveals that there is a short story from Alex’s point of view. I for one am one excited fangirl!


It’s the way he says my name

Here’s another of our favorite Delirium quotes presented on this really awesome image!

Source: Ourgreatwhatif

The Wilds

How peaceful do the wilds look here? I’d run into these woods with Alex any day!

“It must be nice to be in the Wilds right now,” I blurt out, just for something to say. Alex turns to look at me, and I stammer quickly, “I mean—it must be cooler there. Because of all the trees and shade.”

“It is.” He props himself up on one elbow. For a second Alex doesn’t say anything, but I can feel him watching me. “We could go there,” he says at last. I think he must be joking, so I start to laugh. He stays quiet, though, and when I open my eyes I see his face is totally composed. “We could go if you want to.”

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Anyone for tea?

Over on Tumblr lambdse: has created a Delirium range of teas.

To go along with my Divergent teas, I created these Adagio tea blends based on the Delirium trilogy!

  • Alex Sheathes: Blood Orange, Ceylon Sonata, Cream; “His hair is golden brown, like leaves in autumn just as they’re turning, and he has bright amber eyes… The moonlight just touches his shoulder blades so they glow slightly, like wing tips, like pictures of angels I’ve seen in textbooks. He’s thin but muscular too: When he moves I can make out the lines of his arms and chest, so strangely, incredibly, beautifully different from a girl’s, a body that makes me think of running and being outside, of warmth and sweating” (Delirium, 38 & 224). Suggested brewing instructions: 212° for 5-8 mins; good with cream and sugar.


  • Lena Haloway: Earl Grey Lavender, Berry Blues, Vanilla; “I prefer the ocean when it’s gray. Or not really gray. A pale, in-between color. It reminds me of waiting for something good to happen” (Delirium, 67). Suggested brewing instructions: 212° for 3-5 mins).



  • Hana Tate: Honeybush Apricot, Fruit Medley, Passionfruit; “Hana is just climbing out of her parents’ car, her blond hair flying in wisps and waves around her face, her semi-sheer tunic slipping off one tan shoulder. All the girls and boys lining up to enter the labs have turned to watch her. Hana has that kind of power over people… Hana was always different from other people – more outspoken, more independent, more fearless” (Delirium, 17 & 20). Suggested brewing instructions: 212° for 5 mins.

Julian Fineman: Almond Oolong, Hazelnut, Caramel; “The boy’s eyes are dark blue, a stormy color. His hair is caramel blond and wavy, and hangs to his mid-jawline. Everything about him says rich. Everything about him says right, too. Even his unblinking expression as he watches his father onstage is perfection and practice, the embodiment of a cured’s controlled detachment… ‘What does it feel like? The deliria.. I want to know. I want to know with you”’ (Pandemonium, 52 & 300). Suggested brewing instructions: 212° for 3-5 mins.

Also here is a link to my Adagio profile. Please check it out and see all my blends! Hope you enjoy these~

There is nothing I don’t love about this. The tea descriptions match up so perfectly with the characters… and the art is amazing! (Lena’s tea sounds super yummy!)


As a huge Tea fan this makes me happy! Wouldnt mind a hot steaming cup of Alex! 🙂


Oh, how we’ve missed you Alex!

It’s really too bad March is still so far away, I need to know what happens!  This drawing comes courtesy of Crazysneakygurl23 on DeviantArt.

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