Invalid A. Sheathes

Oh no!  Alex Sheathes has been trapped and captured!  Spoilers below!

 It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Alex and when he sacrificed himself so Lena could make it to the wilds, I was crushed.  His fate still weighs heavily on my mind and I’m actually a little nervous to find out just what happened to him.  I hope things weren’t as horrible as I am imagining.

Big thanks to the always dependable for this!


Would you rather live in Portland or The Wilds?

At first glance, if someone asked you whether you’d rather live in Delirium-world Portland or free in The Wilds, you’d say, “The Wilds!” obviously, right? But when you think about it more closely, the answer may not be quite as clear. Here’s a little case for Portland!

Portland, Maine

(Painting info HERE!)

– Plenty of food and water
– Shelter
– Daily comforts
– You can live a normal life
– Beautifully paved streets
– Incredible ocean view

The Wilds

(Painting info HERE!)

– Starving all the time
– Constantly moving
– Under attack every second
– Risk of dying: High
– Freezing winters without warmth
– Uncertain future
– Hard work, just to stay alive

Be HONEST: Would you be willing to give up everything you own to live a life of struggle out in the wilderness, just so you can love and be free?

Important Locations in Delirium

Look at these AWESOME images of the different places that are featured in Delirium.  I especially like the one of 37 Brooks.  It looks like a little piece of The Wilds, only on the other side of the fence.

These come to us courtesy of the amazing people behind the tumblr curingthedeliria.  It is recommended you go check them out!