Jason Isaacs as Thomas Fineman – a fancast

We know the film adaptation of Pandemonium is still years away but there’s currently some fan casting going on.  What do you think of Jason Isaacs portraying Thomas Fineman?  Personally I don’t think I can ever look at him and not see Lucius Malfoy, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do  the role justice!  Any thoughts on who you would like to see play the elder Fineman?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Jason Issac as Thomas Fineman




Have a great birthday, Lena Haloway!

As you know today is Lena Haloway’s birthday, please join us in wishing our beloved heroine a happy one!


Image source:  curingthedeliria.tumblr.com

The Wilds

How peaceful do the wilds look here? I’d run into these woods with Alex any day!

“It must be nice to be in the Wilds right now,” I blurt out, just for something to say. Alex turns to look at me, and I stammer quickly, “I mean—it must be cooler there. Because of all the trees and shade.”

“It is.” He props himself up on one elbow. For a second Alex doesn’t say anything, but I can feel him watching me. “We could go there,” he says at last. I think he must be joking, so I start to laugh. He stays quiet, though, and when I open my eyes I see his face is totally composed. “We could go if you want to.”

We found this at laurenolivers.tumblr.com!

COTEC has begun! Julian in the first set of the battles!

If you haven’t heard yet, The Clash of The Epic Characters (#COTEC) started today! TheFandom.net is pitting specific characters from 10 of our beloved YA novels/series’ in a battle for the most epic character of them all!

Anyway, this first set of battles has Julian Fineman against Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games!  Okay people, let’s not stand around letting that drunkard get all the spoils!

I highly recommend that you put in your votes! You can vote multiple times and this set of battles ends at just before midnight 8/26/12. Then another set of battles will begin on Monday, 8/27/12.

We’ll keep you updated on who’s next for that as well.

Spread the word and vote!

An Important Message From Your Government: Concerns Over “Musical Interlude”

For Officials Only: Thanks to the efforts of Deliria-Free America, it has come to our attention that illegal music is on the rise. Please print and distribute this important flier:

All songs listed in the flier are considered highly dangerous. Here is the full list of songs so you may identify them by sound. Please view with caution in a closed, sound-proofed space. Do not listen to songs for extended durations. Thank you.


Thank you, everyone, for your submissions! A lot of people picked songs that reminded them of Lena and Alex’s relationship (awww). This is a great set of songs for the first playlist.