Fan Art: Alex Sheathes

Check out this digital painting of Alex Sheathes, it’s pretty awesome!



At Some Point In The Tunnels

There isn’t near enough love for Lena and Julian, let alone graphics. So I was happy to see this one!



by foreverlouis

Jason Isaacs as Thomas Fineman – a fancast

We know the film adaptation of Pandemonium is still years away but there’s currently some fan casting going on.  What do you think of Jason Isaacs portraying Thomas Fineman?  Personally I don’t think I can ever look at him and not see Lucius Malfoy, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do  the role justice!  Any thoughts on who you would like to see play the elder Fineman?  Let us know in the comments section below!

Jason Issac as Thomas Fineman



Lena, Alex, Julian, and Hana



curingthedeliria strikes again with another wonderful set!

Fan Made Cast

A curingthedeliria fan made cast suggested by anonymous.

Lily Collins as Lena Haloway
Alex Daddario as Rachel Haloway
Jennifer Aniston as Annabel Haloway
Ashley Benson as Hana Tate
Joey King as Grace Tiddle
Miranda Cosgrove as Jenny Tiddle
Lisa Kudrow as Carol Tiddle

Raven Has Lost Deeply

We don’t see many Raven edits around, so it was wonderful to see this one today, made by sassysheathes:

How do you all feel about Raven? Do you love or hate her? What do you think her role will be in Requiem?