Video from Lauren Oliver

A short video appeared on the Delirium Facebook page from Lauren herself. It signals the 30 day count down to Requiem and for those of you who do not know how to pronounce Requiem, well you can hear it straight from the horses mouth as they say!

Click here!

Click here!

Watch the video here!


Lauren Talks Dark Days

The YA Sisterhood have featured Lauren on their Dark Days feature blog and hey talk very highly of our favourite author (obviously!).
They talk about Lauren herself and the books in the Delirium series so far including the upcoming Requiem.
The page also features a video with Lauren herself. So check out the full thing right here!
Well worth it!

Fandmade Delirium and Pandemonium Trailers!

Their aren’t many lengthy fanmade videos for the Delirium Trilogy, given the lack of an actual movie. However, some fans get really creative using scenes from other movies and television shows and create something amazing!

Check out these two trailers by youngandstupidxo on Youtube!

These were sent to us by Silver, who said:

I really feel that these videos embodied the same feelings of passion for the books. No one in their right mind would take time off just to make ’em, unless they really felt moved by the books. In a way, the trailers kind of moved me. Plus, making me ache for Reqiuem at the same time.