Movie Poster


This poster comes from Ava Borchuck. Thanks so much for making this and sharing with us all here!


Movie Poster #12

This poster comes from wentstraightformyheart and they have used Jeremy Sumpter for Alex, and I actually really like this! I fell in love with Jeremy in Peter Pan all though years ago, and I havent seen much of him since, but seeing him here in this poster, it hit me, he would be a brilliant Alex! What are your thoughts?

Movie Poster Entry # 11


This entry comes from Toyin Sonubi AKA @Kooky_Dreamer off twitter. Thanks so much for this brilliant entry!

Movie Poster entry #9 & 10

These both come from Emily Coppella. You can find her on Tumblr and over on  twitter @deliriumdevotee.

Thanks so much for these Emily! They are brilliant!

Delirium Movie Poster Challenge Entry #8

Here’s an entry from Callie as the-amor-deliria-nervosa over at Tumblr! By the way, this was featured on Lauren Oliver’s tumblr! Congrats, Callie 🙂

Send us a Delirium movie poster to and we will post it!


Movie Poster Entry #7

This one comes from Rebekah Walker who works over on the Harry Potter section of the Fandom. (See we all get along 🙂 One Big Fandom Family) Thanks Rebekah!

Delirium Movie Poster Challenge Entry #6

Here’s a great entry from Harmony-Everlark over at Tumblr! Check it out below. Remember, send us a Delirium movie poster to and we will post it!