Attempt at a Quote Pic

Hey all! Anna here. So, I’ve been super inspired recently by all of the amazing quote pics out there related to the Delirium trilogy. So I decided to try my hand at a couple, and, for your viewing pleasure/judgement, here’s the one I think is the least fail:

The cool thing is, anyone can make these! Just use your photoshop/paint/etc application (I used pixelmator for mac), grab a free stock photo or two, and edit away! I’d love to see your creations. And don’t forget about our Movie Poster Contest! Send us a Delirium movie poster to and we will post it!


Fan Art Friday

I won’t deny that so far, despite events that happened to Lena in Pandemonium, I am still all for Alex Sheathes.  Sure, Julian may be a beautiful boy and he’s has his own sad backstory, but obviously, Alex has also been through much in his own life.

Here is Lena and Alex in a seemingly happier moment in their life.

Source: Ice-Ridden

Fan Art Friday – Swim

Check out this artist’s rendition of the beach/swim scene where Lena and Alex race to the rope boundary.  It’s lovely how the artist makes Lena look so happy, actually having fun with a boy!

Artist and source:  Sgus-henka

Fan Art of Julian and Lena

If you’re big on Julian, then you will like this.

Drawing by Ice-Ridden

As for me, I’m still stuck on Alex. Alex. Alex. Too bad we have another year to wait for the final book.