Pre-order Raven and Delirium Short Stories!

Raven is now avaliable for pre-order on Nook devices on the Barnes and Noble website! It’s release date is March 5th 2013


The complete short story works are also available to order in paperback for for release also on March 5th 2013. This paperback includes the previous short stories only released in E format. Hana, Annabel, and Raven all together in one book!
Pre order on Barnes and Noble here!




New Delirium Short “Raven” To Be Released In March

Up on the Harper Teen website is a link for a new short story entitled Raven alongside Hana and Annabel. The release date of this short is listed for March 3rd of next year. No picture of the cover is yet available. The three will be released all together in a bundle that same day for those who haven’t already bought the first two before then. This is, of course, the same day Requiem is to be released in the US. It is already up for preorder on Amazon in both hardcover and Kindle versions, and on Barnes and Noble in hardcover and Nook versions. If neither one of those work for you, then there are a few other options!

And don’t forget that Annabel is coming out on December 26th!

The weekly quiz question!

Hello readers.
Today I am rolling out a new feature for the Delirium page.
It’s called the Weekly Delirium Quiz Question.
Each Monday for the foreseeable future I shall post a Delirium related question. This could be a question from any of the books, present, and when released the future. As well as the short stories published. In addition I may throw in the odd question related to items that have been posted on this very page. So of you don’t make a habit of doing so all ready maybe take a little read down of the page. (We are worth reading :p)

A new question will be posted each Monday at a random time of the day, so you have to come back and check at intervals to see if the question has gone up. (Other Delirium related posts will be here to keep you busy and entertained don’t worry)
The points system is as follows;
1st correct answer- 10 points
2nd correct answer- 5 points
3rd correct answer- 1 point

If I get enough interest with this feature over a trail month I shall roll it out for an extended period and offer a prize for the highest points scorer. In the mean time it’s all for fun.

So the first question to kick us off is as follows;

Where did Alex say he first noticed
Lena in Delirium?

Question will be up for a week and the first three correct answers will be taken.

Good luck!

Hana book cover remake

Here’s another great fan-made book cover remake, this time we have one for Hana.  What do you think?


Hana movie poster

We’ve seen Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem movie posters. But what about a Hana poster? im-already-half-dead has it covered using Amber Heard for Hana!

Fan made movie posters for each book

Check out these fan made movie posters, one for each of the books!  I think these are quite lovely actually, and they look great together!  I’m really looking forward to the first time we see an official movie poster for Delirium, that’s going to be a great moment for sure!




















We found these on

Happy or Unhappy?

This Hana quote comes from chapter 3, and the picture comes courtesy of youaremylastchance

Very true words, do you think Hana was truly happy in her lifestyle? or she made the right choice for her future? She believed that her cure was her chance to be happy, do you think she was right or wrong? I am excited to see what Requiem has in store for Hana, for all that she has done, I don’t believe her to be bad, she is a very interesting character.