Banned Music and Poems in Delirium Universe

Lauren answered yet another question via her blog
This time addressing the question of banned music and poetry in the Delirium universe as well as the new information of content that shall be available in the Delirium short stories paperback!
Bellow is the question asked and Lauren’s response;

I was wondering what sort of music is in the Library or Authorized Music and Movies? What would the lyrics typically be about? Would it sound like any contemporary music? I love the world in Delirium and I would love to learn more! 😉

In the back of the paperback “Delirium Stories”, which is coming out March 5th, is a list of books and poems that would have been banned along with quotes that show the reasons they were forbidden!

As for music, I think any song that showed Love in a positive light would be forbidden. 🙂


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The complete short story works are also available to order in paperback for for release also on March 5th 2013. This paperback includes the previous short stories only released in E format. Hana, Annabel, and Raven all together in one book!
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Annabel! Your Thoughts!

So as the title says we want to hear your thoughts and opinions on Lauren’s latest instalment in the Delirium saga!

To all who have yet to read this short story I would read no further and also avoid the comment section to avoid spoilers.

So my own view was that yet again Lauren drags us into the story with her beautiful way with words, her ability to create images and to flood us with feelings for her characters. An enigma of a character was given life in these pages, and became one you could not sympathise with and feel for in her plight and fight!

It’s evident that Annabel cares deeply, although some favouritism for Lena over Rachel? Has she lost all hope for Rachel completely?

The point of view from both childhood and adult Annabel was a fascinating insight. It allowed us to see the world as the the cure was being initiated and becoming mandatory for citizens. It also answered that unasked question of Lenas father! How did Annabel meet him? Was he one of her matches. Well we got that answer and much more. Although being greedy I hope there is more to come on that story!

I loved Annabel. Just wish it had been longer!

Over to you!


USA Today recommends Annabel

For all of you who have not yet had the chance to read Lauren’s short story Annabel, which tells the story of Lena’s mother, you’re missing out! It gives amazing insight into how the world that Lena grew up in came to be,  how her family came together and fell apart, and how her mother became part of a bigger cause.

USA Today‘s Jessie Potts has recommended Annabel as a must-read!


Why you should read it: Delirium was ridiculously good, and I loved Pandemonium. I’ve always wanted to know more about Annabel and her fate: Who was the woman behind the haunted memories? In this novella, Lauren showcases her talent for getting into different characters’ heads and memories and pulling their story forth. I would recommend reading this even if you haven’t read Delirium (though you’ll enjoy it that much more if you do!). Annabel’s voice is strong, and I can understand how Lena was able to fight … it was in her blood.

Tidbit: When I asked Lauren about writing Annabel, she said, “The great thing about being an author nowadays is the immediacy (and volume!) of the feedback you get from readers — on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads, whatever. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, but often, I’ve drawn inspiration from the opinions, questions, and even the demands of my fans. After Delirium published, a lot of my readers asked me about Lena’s mother and whether we would see her again. I knew we would later on in the series, but everyone seemed so captivated by her background and her history, I decided I wanted to make her the star of her own story. That’s how Annabel came to be. I was really excited to write from Lena’s mom’s perspective, both because I got to explore what the world was like as the cure for love was just being mandated and the borders were closing down. Also, I’ve always been obsessed with the book/movie The Count of Monte Cristo, and I drew my inspiration for The Crypts, where Annabel is imprisoned for over a decade, from the horrible jail in that book.”

Read the whole recommendation here!

Read The First Chapter of ‘Annabel’

Even though we have to wait until  March for the release of Requiem, we only have to wait until Wednesday for Annabel!  However, you don’t even have to wait that long to read the first chapter of Annabel, just click here!


Source: EW’s Shelf Life

Lauren Oliver to write from Alex’s perspective!

About six hours ago, Lauren Oliver made an announcement on her twitter that is certainly making me excited:

Lauren Oliver's twitter announcement

Is everyone as excited as I am over this announcement?