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Get Your Own Requiem Countdown Widget

Desperately awaiting the release of Requiem? Epic Reads has released new countdown widgets that you can add to your blog or website!


CLICK HERE to get a code for your own widget by clicking the “Get Widget” tab in the left sidebar.

The Delirium Cover Wars!

The Reader Lines web site has a feature where it takes a book series and show cases the various different book covers of that particular book from right around the world. Some of these covers were are very familiar with but some are all new to me! The various covers all have a beauty about them. You can see the full selection of covers here but here is my favourite form their showcase. Which is yours?


Ode to Delirium

Many people show their love for their fandoms in different ways. Some make fan art, others videos, websites, music and so on. This picture bellow is my dedication to Delirium. The UK version of the book contains flying birds illustrated on the chapter pages. These birds are what I took from the series and now carry them permanently on my skin. I could have had a quote. But which one? A heart? Too obvious. So the birds were for me. And here it is to share with you all!


A New Delirium Confessions Tumblr


Agree with the confessions or hate them, almost everyone enjoys a Confessions blog. And there is a new one on tumblr for Delirium fans! Let’s give ’em something to post!

The Obama Girls buy Delirium and Pandemonium

The official Delirium Trilogy Facebook has a great photo of President Barack Obama and his daughters, Sasha and Malia, buying books at a local, independent bookstore in Virginia. What on top of their stack of books? Delirium and Pandemonium!

Barack Obama Sasha Malia books Delirium Pandemonium

What great taste in books!

Lauren Oliver had this to say about the discovery on her Facebook:

LOVE that Obama & his daughters bought my books (DELIRIUM & PANDEMONIUM) ! I am so proud!