Lena and Blue

We found fan art featuring Blue!  I love this character immensely, she really added so much to Pandemonium, and it’s sad we don’t see her featured in many fan creations.  Actually, this is the first I’ve spotted her in and of course it comes to us from none other than Ice Ridden, who can always be depended on to provide the most amazing art!

Don’t you just love this?



Hana Finds Out

Here’s another masterpiece from the brilliant Ice Ridden!  I have to say this is probably one of my favorite moments in Delirium as I actually wanted Hana to find out about Alex.  I felt bad that Lena couldn’t talk to her best friend about him, and was a bit relieved when this happened.

I have to admit, I missed Hana in Pandemonium.  She’s such a great character and I love the way her and Lena balanced each other out. I’m looking forward to seeing her in Requiem!

Fan Art Friday

I won’t deny that so far, despite events that happened to Lena in Pandemonium, I am still all for Alex Sheathes.  Sure, Julian may be a beautiful boy and he’s has his own sad backstory, but obviously, Alex has also been through much in his own life.

Here is Lena and Alex in a seemingly happier moment in their life.

Source: Ice-Ridden