Pandemonium Book Review by Elle & Blair

Elle & Blair is a website dedicated mostly to fashion, make-up, and the like. They also do book reviews on youtube as part of their content. Recently, they did a review of Pandemonium.



There is also a review of Delirium that was done a few months earlier.

It’s great to see these reviews getting so many views and likes!


Which requiem is YOUR requiem?

We all know the title of the third book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Trilogy is Requiem — so what does requiem mean, exactly? According to

That seems very appropriate for a dystopian world devoid of love. Requiems have been incredibly significant in music history, with perhaps two of the most famous being Mozart’s Requiem and Brahms’ Requiem. Our challenge to you?

Which of these two Requiems do you think goes better with the Delirium Trilogy?!

Mozart’s Requiem

Brahms’ Requiem

Tell us which one you prefer!

Alex and Lena: Fan made trailer

Here’s another fan made Delirium trailer, this one focusing exclusively on Lena and Alex.  Enjoy!

Source: erenucshu1



Interactive Delirium Trailer

This is REALLY cool!  This is an interactive trailer for Delirium.  Once you watch this you get to pick whether or not you want to go through with The Cure, I suggest you select each one to see what it says.  

Seriously, when I selected ‘yes’ I almost cried!  That video is really quite sad.  I choose to NEVER be Cured!

Thanks to LaurenOliverUK for this awesome video!

Lauren Oliver reads from Pandemonium

To celebrate the much anticipated release of Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver reads aloud from the thrilling sequel! So everyone, grab your brand new copies of Pandemonium and read along!

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Fan-Made Book Trailer

I thought this was a really nicely done book trailer that looks better than some official book trailers I’ve seen.


Courtesy of BabyWeave