Movie Poster Entry #7

This one comes from Rebekah Walker who works over on the Harry Potter section of the Fandom. (See we all get along 🙂 One Big Fandom Family) Thanks Rebekah!


Delirium Movie Poster Challenge Entry #3

Made by yours truly. Be sure to get your entries in! We would love to show them off here on the Fandom!



More Fan Made Trailers!

Delirium fans are ever stepping up to the challenge and producing some wonderful art, videos and literature. Here are some of the most recent fan made trailers for Delirium circulating. I think the second one is just beautiful, but what are your thoughts?





Delirium Movie Poster Challenge!

I just created a Delirium movie poster. It’s not that great. You can make one that’s much, MUCH better! This challenge goes out to all our admins, Tumblr fans, artistic-leaning comrades, and all free peoples of the world (even DFA members). Send us a better Delirium movie poster than the one below to and we will post it!

Good luck! We hope to post many extraordinary posters over the coming months.

Delirium Movie Poster Fan Art

We’re not so sure that the Delirium movie should take this angle when it actually comes time to promote because some promote might assume it’s a full-on horror film, but this chilling poster by ASheathes really captures the terrible things that are being done to characters in this series!

Delirium Movie Poster Fan Art

Lauren Oliver Talks Delirium Movie!

Lauren Oliver recently stated that she had read the first draft of the Delirium Movie script. She states

I felt the script was remarkably faithful to the book, which is fascinating, because it managed to condense 400-ish pages into a slender, moving, and breakneck-paced script of about, I don’t know, 120 pages

It got me thinking. So…did I use too many words as I was writing it? Would it have been possible for me to lop the book in thirds? Or is the script too condensed, too crystallized–is it missing key elements?
The answer to both questions is, I think, no. Film is a visual medium. That means its tools, is language, is totally different from the tools I employ as a novel writer. And maybe that’s why I’ve never really “feared” that something would get lost in translation. I mean, yes, bad movie adaptations happen, but I think that in order for books to become good movies, they must transform. Being faithful to the book must mean that you are willing, onscreen, to depart from what was on the page. Just like any other translation, sometimes in order to preserve the spirit, you must alter things structurally, grammatically. And film has a far different grammar than fiction.
When I re-read the Delirium script, I realized that certain things had really changed. I hadn’t noticed these alterations on first read because the script felt like a faithful interpretation to me. The spirit was there, and that’s what’s important to preserve.”

As yet there are no confirmed cast members but this is one step closer to seeing Delirium on the big screen!


Meeting Lauren Oliver at Books of Wonder

This wasn’t the first time I had the privilege of meeting Lauren Oliver — and once you get to know her, you realize it truly is a privilege — but it was just as wonderful as the first time. She was on hand at Books of Wonder bookstore in New York City, signing Pandemonium books along with Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me), Anna Carey (Eve), and Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky). See Lauren signing here:

And here’s Lauren, smiling for a photo with me!

During the event, Lauren admitted that Requiem is already written and hidden on her laptop. Anyone want to try and hack that? (KIDDING!) She also has been looking over drafts of the first Delirium movie script.

Lauren is such a nice person, and we’re so lucky to have her spreading brilliance on the reading public. Thanks, Lauren!